YKK Americas Group

The world certainly has changed since 1960, when YKK first began expanding its Japan-based operations into North America. Driven by global shifts in manufacturing economics, ever-evolving demands for solutions and approaches to meet changing requirements, and the ongoing need to remain highly competitive in all respects, the YKK Americas Group has been a dynamic organization. Today the YKK Americas Group is comprised of 16 operating companies in 9 countries, from Canada to Argentina.

The YKK Americas Group solves the most complex fastening and attaching challenges. A “solutions-first” approach leverages our extensive product and machinery portfolio, engineering expertise and integrated production, service and supply chain solutions in 70+ countries/regions. This depth and breadth leaves us well-positioned to support the growth of customers of all sizes and adapt to their evolving business needs.

Our proficiency across highly regulated and demanding industries, including automotive, medical, apparel and safety, and our commitment to sustainable innovation enables us to deliver cost-effective, full-service support for our customers from idea to manufacture and beyond.

While exceeding customer expectations has always been our primary objective, doing so with a focused eye on the positive effect we can have on society overall – both environmentally and through various corporate citizenship practices – has also been a cornerstone of our success; the working embodiment of our corporate philosophy we call The Cycle of Goodness<sup>TM</sup>.